Different Types of Jewelry Cleaning Kits

If your glittering diamond or other precious gem has started to look a bit stale, you could brighten its shine and lustre with an in-home jewelry cleaning kit designed just for that purpose. The secret to keeping precious stones sparkling is in their porous surfaces: the better the craftsmanship of your diamonds or gems, the more likely they are to stain or otherwise acquire unsightly stains. The best cleaners remove oils, dirt and even tarnish from all sorts of precious metals and gemstones with a very short rinse and a light hand brushing or polish with soft fabrics. The in-home kits can also remove damaged finishes from sterling silver and gold pieces.

Some in-home Sparkle Bright Products kits contain abrasive particles and scrubbing pads, which can be dangerous, especially if you have no idea what these chemicals are made up of. These chemicals can damage the surfaces and cause them to breakdown over time, making the items in question unusable. You should definitely use a natural jewelry cleaner made from natural ingredients to clean your precious items, as harsh chemicals should always be avoided.

Some non-professional kits include brush kits for soft stones, polishers for metal and costume jewelry, and cleaning agents for both gold and silver. There are several styles available for either softer or harder materials, and you may even find brush sets for various different jewelry pieces such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. These brush sets typically include a small amount of soap along with a soft toothbrush attachment, a cloth, and some non-slip synthetic lubricant. The soap you choose should be one that won't harm the natural luster of your jewelry, especially if you're going to be using it frequently. Get more facts about jewelry at https://www.britannica.com/art/jewelry/The-history-of-jewelry-design.

A good non-toxic jewelry polishing kit will feature an assortment of sparkles, polish, and wax to allow you to achieve a matte or reflective finish on all of your jewelry without having to use any harmful chemicals. This is particularly helpful for costume jewelry that you want to keep shinier but do not want to apply any kind of protective coating. A few drops of olive oil and water are enough to coat your jewelry, giving you a gentle shine every time you wear it. These products won't cause any damage to your polished surfaces, but they are still non-soluble and might scratch the surface of your trinkets if you aren't careful.

Some non-professional kits include sprays and brushes for applying polish or glitter to your jewelry. They are generally the same kind of polishing cloths and brush sets that you'll find at most stores. Some brands even contain acid-free polishing cloths, which are very helpful if you have items like silver or semi-precious gemstones. Some people prefer to use spray on jewelry cleaner solutions because they work more effectively and quicker than the kind you get at the store. You simply spray the cleaner onto your cloth and apply it to the jewelry, wiping it off with a damp cloth and then repeating the process until you have as much as you need. You can also buy small bottles of this type of cleaner if you like and save the bottles in your jewelry organizer as well.

As you can see there are plenty of different types of jewelry cleaning kits on the market. If you would like to avoid potentially damaging your trinkets you should probably stick to the non-soluble varieties and leave the polishing cream or liquid cleaner solution to the professionals. If you are going to try to clean your jewelry yourself, remember that you should wear a pair of gloves and use the best quality cleaning supplies you can afford. A good quality polishing cloth and jewelry cleaner solution will be your best friends!

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