Jewelry Cleaning Kits - Types of Products to Avoid

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If your silvery-white, sparkly jewelry has started to look a bit dull, you could restore its sparkle and shine with an in-home jewelry cleaning kits. The best choice remove contaminants, dirt and tarnish in all kinds of metals and gemstones with only a light brushing and/or light polishing with eco-friendly soft cloths. Most of these kits are very simple to use and have received rave reviews by professional jewelers and consumers alike for their ability to clean without the use of harsh chemicals, which could be damaging to both the metal and the delicate enamel coating on many types of jewelry.

Using jewelry cleaning kits will leave your jewelry looking like new and feeling like the shiny, gleaming piece it was designed to be. You can even hand them out as gifts for special occasions or pop them into your pocket, purse or briefcase to take with you. They make great gifts for women and men alike and are a terrific way to express your love of fine jewelry and your commitment to keeping your accessories clean. With a non-toxic cleaning solution, you'll have no worries about any damage to your precious metals. Get more information today!

Many professional jewelers agree that jewelry cleaning kits are essential in maintaining the shine of your favorite pieces. Using a mild but effective solution, these kits clean your gemstone or silver in ways that do not damage the stone or silver, but do not clean it so harshly that it damages its finish either. Using gentle solutions will allow the items to breathe and will leave behind wonderful luster that won't need to apply wax or other polishes to maintain its brightness. In fact, some people prefer to let non-toxic cleaners sit on their items for a few days before touching them, especially if they have sterling silver pieces or very delicate jewelry. Discover more facts about jewelry at

If you want to use a jewelry cleaning kit on your costume jewelry, soft stones, or other such jewels, you should read the instructions carefully. Some cleaners are meant for use on certain materials only. Using a kit that's meant for jewelry cleaning only may leave behind spots or scratches on your item, which could be extremely embarrassing if you wear your jewelry at a particular event. Be sure to read the label carefully before you buy and use the product. Also, you may want to consult a jeweler who can answer any questions or concerns you might have about using the product. Be sure to read more here!

Polishing cloths and jewelry cleaner solutions don't always have to be the same thing. For instance, some polishers are designed to clean silver while others can clean more expensive gemstones and metals. It's important to read the instructions for each cleaning product and follow them carefully, especially if you have sensitive jewelry. For example, a jewelry cleaner solution that contains acetone or chlorine bleach may damage precious stone settings or cause your metal items to turn gray instead of gold, white gold, or silver. If you're not sure which type of cleaner is right for your needs, consulting an experienced jeweler who uses jewelry cleaning kits on a regular basis is a good idea.

In addition, there are a few types of liquid cleaner solution that you should avoid because they can actually damage or discolor your jewelry if used repeatedly. Polishing cream or liquid soap often contains either acetone or chlorine bleach, both of which are known to damage or discolor your jewelry if used repeatedly. To find out which cleaning product is best for your situation, be sure to test it on a small piece of jewelry first. You should also research the cleaning ingredients for products sold at online retail stores and department stores.